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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Amazonian Ink Cartridges

Have you ever wondered what they stick in inkjet cartridges that costs so much money? Well beyond the 50% water content, everyone has this mystery chemical listed as secret. Hmm, maybe its the natural flavor of coke, or the natural flavor of a juejuebee.

Chemical CAS No Percent
Dye(s) 000000-00-2 <3
Trade secret 000000-02-1 15-20
Glycerols 000000-51-3 10-15
Diethylene glycol 000111-46-6 <10
Water 007732-18-5 Balance

--- But what else has that same trade secret chemical in it?

Brand Category Form Percent
Meguiars Deep Crystal Deep Gloss Polish Auto products liquid 5-15
Rain X Marine Cleaner Wax Auto products liquid 5-15
Wal-Mart Super Tech Marine 80W-90 Auto products liquid 1-10
CX Concrete Primer-Part B Hardener Home maint. liquid 40
Roundup Brush Killer Concentrate Yard liquid 73
Ortho Ant B Gon Pesticides bait 99.75
Weather Proof Citronella Candle Pesticides solid >99

Hmmm, Well if you ever find yourself in a bunch, I suppose you could use your citrinella candle if you run out of ink, or visa versa, use your ink cartridges when you run out of Bug Spray! :) Also, since we know that Ortho Ant B-Gone is made of DEET and an accelerant. I can tell you that the secret chemical is not Deet, but is instead listed as an 'INERT INGREDIENT' listed under 40 CFR 158.153, stated to be any ingredient other than an active ingredient. Also noted under OSHA, 29 CFR 1910.1200 if the chemical is hazardous.

This chemical happens to have a flashpoint of 132 degrees F., is considered a level 1 aerosol, and if you decide to ignite it, you will need to extinguish it with either Alcohol Foam, CO2 or a Dry Chemical.

Most likely this secret chemical is either an Propane, IsoButane, Heavy Naptha, or some other Aromatic.

I'm sure by now your thinking you got ripped off on your Ink, but what about the guy who bought the Ant Spray? He basically got 99% alcohol/petro and 1% of actual ingredients. Well the famous Deet product is the pestiside!

Read more here: http://www.panna.org/resources/documents/tobacco.dv.html

Any Questions?

Monday, May 02, 2005

Ever tried cleaning your Brakes with Adhesives?

Well now you can!!! I was searching for useless crap today and noticed the following, Chemical Name: Tetrachloroethylene CAS Registry Number: 000127-18-4 Can be found in: Aleenes Platinum Bond 7800 Adhesive liquid 70.00% ARAMCO Art and Crafts Goop, FP Goop liquid "Info Hidden" Aleenes Bond Patio & Garden Adhesive liquid 70.00% Aleenes Super Fabric Textile Adhesive liquid 70.00% If you call in the next 10 minutes, you get: Gumout Prof. Brake Parts Cleaner aerosol 50-90% Liquid Wrench Lubricant with Teflon aerosol 65-80% Lectra Motive Engine Degreaser aerosol 70-100% ProsALL No flame Penetrating Oil aerosol 60 - 65%

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dura Lube to Pay $2 Million in Consumer Lawsuit

Additive marketers Dura Lube and Motor Up, and their principals, have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that performance claims for their engine treatments were deceptive and unsubstantiated in violation of federal law. The two proposed settlements will bar false and unsubstantiated claims about the performance, benefits, efficacy, or attributes of these products. In addition, Dura Lube will pay $2 million in consumer redress to be distributed by the FTC. The FTC has previously halted allegedly deceptive ads for Prolong Engine Treatment, Valvoline Engine Treatment, Slick 50 Engine Treatment and STP Engine Treatment. For the full article: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2000/03/motor.htm ------- Ever wonder what they put in Duralube? Lets have a look, shall we? Their MSDS lists one chemical: Distillates, petroleum, solvent-dewaxed heavy paraffinic CAS NO. 064742-65-0 Yet the same chemical appears here: Quaker State High Performance Gear Lubricant 85W-90
85W-140 at amounts "<95%" Castrol 4 Cycle Motor Oil 20W50 at amounts "<95%"
Can we assume that 4cycle 20w50 is the same as
Gear Oil 85w90?
Froogle says: Oil Gear 80W-140 QT $43.99 - Ace Hardware Outlet And: Castrol Act Evo 4 Blend Motor Oil 20W50 QT $3.99 - Cycle Gear Doesn't that make you go hmmm? Where as: Duralube 32oz. Bonus Kit sells for $17.50 - Stuff On TV If I were trying to save money, I think I would by the
20w50, 4 cycle oil!

Here is where it gets interesting, ever thought of just pouring motor oil in your transmission box?

This is the same case No. as noted above. Castrol Dexron III Auto Transmission Fluid Auto products liquid 60-100% 10-30% "Ethoxylated long chain alkylamine alkylphosphite and metal sulfonate"
Dye(s) (unspecified) 000000-00-2 <0.1, that way we can't confuse motor oil for trans fluid!!! SIDE NOTE: One can also find the Metal Sulfonate in "Clinging Bowl Cleaner." Froogle says: Castrol Syntec Full Synthetic Dexron-III / Mercon ATF Quart $5.99 - Amazon.com ---- This chemical is also found in: Sure Roll On Deodorant Aussie Instant Daily Conditioner Revlon Professional Liquid Quick Dry Nail Enamel Neutrogena Sunblock SPF 30-PABA Free (PABA stands for paraaminobenzoic acid) WD 40 Aerosol Lubricant constituents of 15-25% ------------------------- The End!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Products that contain common elements.

---- Pennzoil Radiator Flush Water 95-99% ---- Radiator Restorer Sealer/Conditioner 100% Nitric Acid or 2-EHN ---- Castrol GTX Motor Oil SAE 10W-40W 2-EHN 10-30% Petroleum basestocks 60-100% ---- Valvoline All Climate Lubricating Oil 5W30 Detergent/Dispersant 6-16% Aliphatic petroleum distillate 83-93% The same detergent/dispersant is the same chemical that makes up 100% of Lysol Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner, Lemon ---- Ever wonder what is in JP5 Jet fuel? 100% Aliphatic petroleum distillate. or more commonly known as Kerosene, or more expensivly labled under marine diesel. Also makes 99% of Gumout Emissions Reducer ---- What is RXP Gas Kicker? seen here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0002JN6H8/104-5901625-4475104 99% Methyl Acetate, commonly known as lock de-icer, and non-acetone nail polish remover. As a De-Icer 8 ounces of generic sells for 49 cents, where as a nail-polish remover, 8 ounces at walmart was 88 cents. ---- Red Devil Garage and Driveway Cleaner. Has a primary ingredient that can be found in Arm and Hammer Toothpaste. ---- The main ingredient in brands such as Stanadyn, STP, StaBil, Gumout, etc. Is Naphthalene. Naphtha is what mothballs are made out of) ---- The End If you are curious what something is made of, click the link to the right, household products.gov, and look it up. Then return here and post the results.