What's In Quacker Snake Oil

This site is dedicated to revealing what common products are made of. Anyone who attempts to make these items at home assumes their own liability. All failures will be welcomed into the Darwin Hall Of Fame.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Products that contain common elements.

---- Pennzoil Radiator Flush Water 95-99% ---- Radiator Restorer Sealer/Conditioner 100% Nitric Acid or 2-EHN ---- Castrol GTX Motor Oil SAE 10W-40W 2-EHN 10-30% Petroleum basestocks 60-100% ---- Valvoline All Climate Lubricating Oil 5W30 Detergent/Dispersant 6-16% Aliphatic petroleum distillate 83-93% The same detergent/dispersant is the same chemical that makes up 100% of Lysol Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner, Lemon ---- Ever wonder what is in JP5 Jet fuel? 100% Aliphatic petroleum distillate. or more commonly known as Kerosene, or more expensivly labled under marine diesel. Also makes 99% of Gumout Emissions Reducer ---- What is RXP Gas Kicker? seen here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0002JN6H8/104-5901625-4475104 99% Methyl Acetate, commonly known as lock de-icer, and non-acetone nail polish remover. As a De-Icer 8 ounces of generic sells for 49 cents, where as a nail-polish remover, 8 ounces at walmart was 88 cents. ---- Red Devil Garage and Driveway Cleaner. Has a primary ingredient that can be found in Arm and Hammer Toothpaste. ---- The main ingredient in brands such as Stanadyn, STP, StaBil, Gumout, etc. Is Naphthalene. Naphtha is what mothballs are made out of) ---- The End If you are curious what something is made of, click the link to the right, household products.gov, and look it up. Then return here and post the results.